Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport

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Hamad International Airport, Qatar's newest airport, opened in 2014 near the city of Doha and the sparkling Arabian Gulf. This architecturally astonishing airport - which has reached the highest levels of efficiency and has become the perfect location for welcoming visitors - is a true gateway to the world serving more than 360,000 flights and 30 million passengers every year.

Hamad International Airport promises to offer a unique travel experience across one of the fastest growing destinations, whether for tourism or business. Doha is located within an 8-hour flight of more than two-thirds of the world's population, which makes it a strategic location in the heart of the developed and emerging global financial and economic centers, making it the ideal destination for tourism and business.

The new airport is currently home to the five-star Qatar Airways, which has operated from Doha International Airport for 17 years. Qatar Airways, one of the fastest airlines in the world, believes that this move will give travelers a unique experience globally.

The airport is distinguished by its unparalleled operational efficiency, which includes a full capacity for a large number of flights, the possibility of fast and efficient communication, the completion of passenger travel procedures and the dynamic movement of goods. It is also characterized by advanced operational systems in all aspects of security and safety, aviation technologies and buildings, providing the best comfort and luxury for travelers.

To ensure the safe take-off and landing of aircraft to and from Hamad International Airport, the control tower was equipped with the latest air navigation equipment, radar devices and communication systems. This towering edifice waved an unmistakable welcome message to everyone who visits Qatar and the Middle East.

Hamad International Airport offers its travelers a unique and exciting experience in celebrating the region's heritage and culture. Where it hosts a group of permanent and seasonal exhibitions, to harmonize the manifestations of the local cultural heritage with the different creations of the world.

Due to its privileged location as the meeting point of East and West, Hamad International Airport connects countless cities around the world quickly, smoothly and effectively.

qatar,doha,Hamad International Airport,harbouchanews

General tips and directions

Hamad International Airport offers free internet service on your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere inside the passenger terminal.

You can also call anywhere in the world by purchasing a prepaid calling card from the duty free as the phone booths are located throughout the terminal building.

35 minutes is enough for a smooth passage through the Passports and Security Departments and the security check, with the need to ensure that you are aware of the status of your visa

If you are denied entry to Qatar, the Ministry of Interior and the relevant airlines will provide the necessary instructions and assistance.

10 minutes is enough to receive bags and customs procedures

You can get free baggage trolleys from the baggage claim area.

If you need assistance while collecting your bags, there are porters that charge 20 QAR (US$6) per porter.

Receipt of large bags and animals

Large bags are connected via special carriers in the baggage claim area, located between the conveyor belts numbers 2 and 3, and between the conveyor belts numbers 7 and 8. If you are traveling with animals, the airline representative will personally deliver them to you at the baggage claim area.

In the event of baggage being lost or received in poor condition, please contact the airline representative at the nearest information desk to receive the required assistance.

Choose the appropriate customs lane

Choose the green lane if there are no customsable goods, or the red lane if there are customsable goods.

Enjoy the duty free, duty free shops are located in the baggage claim area and satisfy the last minute shopaholic.

You can purchase a local SIM card at duty-free shops located within the baggage claim area.

You can purchase maps and guidebooks at Qatar Duty Free shops located within the baggage claim area.

Currency exchange and ATM use, there are two ATMs at the bus stops outside the departure hall (level 0). In addition, there are four Travelex branches in the terminal building to provide currency exchange and money transfer services.

Enjoying snacks and drinks, coffee shops and vending machines serve hot snacks and hot/cold drinks within the baggage claim area. There is also a dining room in the departure hall on the upper floor.

qatar,doha,Hamad International Airport,harbouchanews

Arrangements after arrival at the airport

Using my car in the parking lot, there are short-term car parks on both sides of the terminal building. It provides free covered parking and easy entry via dedicated driveways.

Use a taxi or limousine. Taxis are available in the taxi yard outside the arrival hall and fare starts from QR25 (US$7). Chauffeured limousines are also available.

Use the hotel's shuttle bus, if the hotel provides shuttle service, a hotel representative will meet you on arrival or you can visit the hotel services desk on your own.

Using a public bus, all buses depart from the bus stand located outside the passenger terminal.

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